Polyurethane Resin
Easy Flo Series 60, 95, 120, Easy Flo Clear
Super low viscosity casting resin. Low viscosity equates to easy mixing, excellent detail penetration, and the most bubble-free castings without employing vacuum degassing and pressure casting techniques.

Easy Flo 60, is an outstanding 1:1 (by volume), white, polyurethane plastic with the lowest mixed viscosity available, 60 cP.

Easy Flo 95, 5 minute working time, 20-60 minute demold time; off white, 95 cP.

Easy Flo 120, Similar to EasyFlo 60, but designed for rotocasting, slush casting or lay-up applications where lightweight, hollow castings are needed.

Easy Flo Clear, Great for casting with metals and other colors. Has a slight amber tint.

Demold Time Mixed Viscosity Color Cured Shore D Hardness: 65
Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B by volume
Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.03
Specific Volume: 26.9 in³/lb
Pour Time (1lb mix): 2-2.5 min
Easy Flo 6015-30 mins60cPWhite
Easy Flo 9520-60 mins95cPOff White
Easy Flo 12015-30 mins120cPWhite

Immortal Conscience
"Immortal Conscience"
Prairie Lawyer
"Prairie Lawyer"

President Abraham Lincoln By James Nance
James Nance Sculpture Studio

Easy Flo Clear and metal bronze powder were using in the creation.
Casting by Custom Castings - Brian Dreith 970-461-8107

EasyFlo 120  
EasyFlo 60  
EasyFlo 90  
EasyFlo Clear  
Poly 15 Series
Poly 15 Series
Pourable casting resins. Poly 15 Series liquid plastics are useful for production of decorative objects, parts, lightweight mold shells, tools, models, patterns, fixtures, duplicate masters, vacuum forming molds and general tooling use. Poly 15-6, 1512, and 1512X have the feel and density of wood or thermoplastics and Poly 15-3 and 15- 3X are more like stone. Poly 1512 Clear is useful for casting transparent parts or for pigmenting/color casting. For bubble-free, clear castings, best results are obtained with the use of vacuum and/or pressure. Poly 1512 Clear can be used for cold cast bronze or other applications utilizing dry fillers.

15-3 / 15-3X
Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B by weight
Pour Time (1 lb mix): 15 min/5 min
Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.53
Mixed Viscosity: 2,000 cP
Shore D Hardness: 80
Demold Time: 12 hr / 1 hr
Color, Cured: Tan
Specific Volume: 18 in³/lb
Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B by weight
Pour Time (1 lb mix): 5 min
Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.08
Mixed Viscosity: 800 cP
Shore D Hardness: 72
Demold Time: 1-3 hours
Color, Cured: Tan
Specific Volume: 26 in³/lb
1512 / 1512X
Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B by weight
Pour Time (1 lb mix): 22 min/5 min
Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.10
Mixed Viscosity: 400 cP
Shore D Hardness: 71
Demold Time: 1-16 hr/30 min
Color, Cured: White
Specific Volume: 25.1 in³/lb
Poly Dye
Poly Dye
Liquid tint ideal for adding uniform color to polyurethane casting resins such as EasyFlo 60, EasyFlo 120, and any of the Poly 15 Series pourable resins. Available in black, blue, red, green and yellow.
1 lb  
4 oz  
Poly-Optic 14 Series
Poly-Optic 14 Series plastics are specifically designed for applications where optical clarity is a must. Castings will be water-clear, however, PolyColor dyes can be added to obtain clear, colored castings. In addition, Poly-Optic systems can be filled with metal, marble and many other fine powders to achieve myriad effects.

Poly-Optic resins are the plastics of choice for mimicking glass and ice-like features. These products are widely used to create stunning prototypes (lenses, bottles, containers) as well as for unique art, sculpture and display items. The versatility of Poly-Optic 14 Series plastics makes them well-suited for countless commercial, industrial, hobby, craft, prop and special effects applications. Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products.
Poly-Optic 14 Series
Poly-Optic 1411 & 1411 ES7
Poly-Optic 1411 & 1411 ES7
Poly-Optic 1411 & 1411 ES7 are 1A:1B by volume mix, clear, hard, D~80 polyurethane casting plastics that are great for making clear parts that look like water or glass where optical clarity is important. Vacuum and pressure casting are recommended for the best results to eliminate unwanted air bubbles. Can be color cast with Poly Color dyes. Heated molds are also recommended for improved results. Poly-Optic 1411 ES7 is a very long working time (7 hours!) version of Poly-Optic 1411 and is designed for large pours where increased working time and slow gelling/curing is required to minimize part distortion.

  • Crystal clear
  • High strength
  • Rapid development of physical properties
  • Can be heat cured
  • Low shrinkage
Poly-Optic 1411 & 1411 ES7
76 lb  
15.2 lb  
3.8 lb  
Poly-Optic 1420
Poly-Optic 1420
Poly-Optic 1420 is a 2A:1B by weight mix, clear, hard, D~85 polyurethane casting plastic that is great for making clear parts that look like water or glass where optical clarity is important. Vacuum and pressure casting are recommended for the best results to eliminate unwanted air bubbles. Can be color cast with Poly Color dyes. Heat curing is required to achieve the high hardness and proper cure for this buffable clear plastic used extensively for prototype parts. To create a brittle, breakable glass-like object, cure 1420 at room temperature.

  • High strength, clear plastic
  • High hardness - can be buffed
  • Excellent for prototyping
  • Can be made to cure brittle like glass for special effects
Poly-Optic 1420
120 lb  
Poly 14 Part R & Part X
A clear A~70 polyurethane rubber for creating glass-like parts, yet flexible. Can be colored with Poly Color dyes and can be filled with a variety of dry fillers. Vacuum degassing and pressure casting are recommended for best results to eliminate unwanted air bubbles. 14-70 can shrink when poured in thicker sections or may cup in on corners. Heating molds helps to prevent this. 14-70 can also be mixed with Poly-Optic 1410 to achieve a variety of hardnesses between A~70 and D~85. Will yellow when exposed to UV light.
Part R - 1 lb  
Part X - 1 lb  
Poly Plasti-Flex Liquid Plastic
Poly Plasti-Flex is a flexible polyurethane casting material that is a great option for casting slightly flexible and impact-resistant parts such as decorative trim, flex molding and millwork. Poly Plasti-Flex also works well for casting props and display items requiring high impact resistance. Plasti-Flex has a wood-like density and can be drilled, sanded, nailed, and screwed. Other applications include casting decorative objects, prototypes, models, architectural reproductions, duplicate masters, production parts, fixtures, props, tools and more.
38.5 lb  
192.5 lb  
8.1 lb